Vince Watermelon

Watermelon Moon. Artist: Vincent Green

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Here you can find details of courses, classes, retreats and training programmes that promote equanimity and good health, reduces stress and anxiety – all qualities that bring balance and calm into everyday life.

  • Qigong and T’ai-Chi classes in Monmouth and Pontypool
  • Residential retreats in Monmouth and on Holy Isle
  • 8-week Mindfulness Based Living Courses held in Monmouth
  • Residential/Non-Residential Mindfulness Based Living Courses held over 2 weekends
  • Mindful Movement Weekend Training Course for Facilitators & Therapists
  • Mindfulness in Schools .b programme
  • A range of  programmes that can be tailored to suit your needs: corporate, hospitals, schools and prisons.

Ian Wallace made this short  film about Sue’s passion for T’ai-Chi and Mindfulness:

An invitation for you to a
Followed by party time!
 Spend an afternoon with – and get to know – your mindfulness, T’a-chi and Qigong friends from 12 midday on Friday 28th December here at Mill House Farm.  Jeanne and I will provide a soup, you bring a taste of your Christmas munchies to share so we can all feast whilst enjoying each other’s company.
Bring your family and friends too – Qigong participation is not compulsory!
RSVP Please to let us know how many of you are coming by sending an Email or calling 01600 780271 / 07962 798 779 (we can’t pick up texts here…)