Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training Course
via Zoom

New Mindfulness Stress Reduction Course in the New year, 2023. Register your interest.

The mindfulness training course is a step by step approach that enables us to understand our stresses and anxieties. We then put in place simple internal adjustments that lighten our hearts, eases the tensions in our bodies, and bring calm to our minds.  

Gradually our quality of sleep improves, we are able to self-regulate our thoughts and emotions with a calm, clear mind. Physical and emotional balance emerges as we remain grounded in the flow of our daily lives.

Course fee £155. This Includes life-time access to all sound files and course notes.

NOTE: For those who cannot afford this, I have for many years been requesting that they pay what they can afford so no-one is deprived of the precious and often life-changing skills.
Please email me for details.

Email Sue for details, Zoom login link and registration

Mindfulness Course

 A short breathing exercise for all to use: ‘ Coming Home To The Breath’. Download

Mindfulness Full Day of Practice via Zoom

Saturday 19th february 12pm GMT – 6pm BST. A day to deepen – or kick start – your practice. A day for all those who have participated on a Mindfulness Training Course.

“To maintain a garden all you need to do is give it a little water and sunlight each day.”

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Some feedback from participants on a previous Zoom Mindfulness course:
‘I had no idea how I would get on with Zoom or whether I could stay connected (in my head/heart) I actually felt I was there in person. You are really skilful with this Zoom’

‘I found myself totally absorbed into the teachings in the same way as if I had been there.’

‘I have found that the tools you have given me extremely useful and life changing already’


‘I came on your course a few years ago and it really was life changing. It made me realise what is important in life and to enjoy everyday.’

‘I can’t thank you both enough for these wonderful sessions. The beginning of the year was really quite grim for me, as you know … and I was sent on a 12 week CBT course with a counsellor. I tried so hard, but it felt like 12hrs of theory, although it uses many of the same principles (how thoughts drive feelings drive behaviours). It was so dry, and this combination of gentle qi gong, the group mindfulness has so much more meaning and effect.’

“I look forward to my mindfulness sessions. My temper, my patience levels, my sleep and my general well being improved very quickly.”

Email to register and for Zoom log-in details

‘The course was transformational for me.  It came at a time when anxiety and depression had led to me being unemployed for a period.  I was stuck.  I wanted to go on the course but there was no way I could afford it.  Your  generosity touched me deeply and I was so grateful to have the opportunity. I now meditate  daily and am much more calm and grounded and at peace.  Since being on the course things have improved.’ Lucy T.

Mindfulness is knowing what is happening when it is happening. Which sounds easy, yet delve deeper and the truth is that most of us are worrying about the future, ruminating over the past and very rarely able to be present with what is happening now. So life can pass us by.

Just writing to thank you for being an ace meditation teacher.  I’ve just had a MRI scan and I could cope with it because I breathed and counted my breaths.  Also training in welcoming the distractions/sensations helped enormously.

Participating on the Mindfulness Based Living Course taps into our capacity to be in life as opposed to ‘doing’ life. It enables us to lessen the noise in our heads, to breathe easier, sleep better and remain calmer in challenging situations. It is method to enable us to come home to ourselves in a way that brings joy and fulfilment into our everyday lives.  Or as Lisa Smith who assists on the courses wrote: ” I’m amazed at how such a simple practice can have such a massive influence on my life and those around me.”

Another participant wrote:

I look forward to my mindfulness sessions.  They make me feel so positive about life. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I could spare thirty minutes one morning a week, let alone find time for daily practise.  I realised very quickly that the time invested was really going to pay off. My temper, my patience levels, my sleep and my general well being improved very quickly. I can’t believe what a difference the straightforward techniques that you have taught me have made.  They help me cope with the really busy times and help me manage my stress levels so much better.

I used to routinely have about a dozen things going on in my head at any one time. Now, I still have about a dozen things going on at any one time, but they aren’t all clambering for my attention at once.  I have learnt how to focus on just one thing at a time.  I am so much calmer as a result.

More from others’ experiences of bringing mindfulness into their daily lives can be found here.