T’ai-Chi: Single Whip Posture

Wednesdays  7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, which can be translated as ‘The Ultimate, Supreme form of Boxing’, is a physical philosophy encompassing healing, meditation and self-defence.

The movements of T’ai-Chi are practised slowly with attention to the posture, breath, balance and ease. The body softens by releasing tension in the muscles and joints. This helps restore the natural self-healing systems that are often suppressed by stiffness and tightness that can build up through long-term mental and physical habits. Regular practice boosts the immune system, improves physical strength especially in the legs and back, and can help to reduce blood pressure.

T’ai-Chi is renowned for being a difficult movement form to learn but very rewarding once it is met with patience and perseverance.  If you would like to be introduced to this gentle martial art come along to the beginners course starting on Wednesday 10 January. Please let me know if you are interested in this new course as it will only run if there is enough interest.

£10 for a taster session, £72 for 12 week term, starts Wednesday 9th January 2019.

Mill House Farm, Monmouth NP25 5HN

Please contact Sue for details.

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