Qigong & Meditation Retreat Week

Holy Isle, Scotland

Wednesday 31st July – Wednesday 7th August 2024
Fully booked, waiting list only.

Qigong on The Shore

Qigong on The Shore

Payment of the course fee deposit or full fee secures your place on the retreat. Please register with Sue Weston, course leader.

Accommodation reservation, is reserved directly with Holy isle: Go to https://www.holyisle.org/  . Select the button: ’Book Now’. and then the 7 nights for 31st July – 7th August, and maket your accommodation choice.

.During The Qigong & Meditation Retreat Week Sue will guide you through the healing yet gentle movements of Chinese Medical Qigong and take you into the stillness of peaceful mind and loving kindness meditations. Holy Isle will soon become a sanctuary for you and is where Sue spent a year in retreat – and it will become a refuge of peace, kindness and calm in your awareness when you return to every-day living.

‘Sue, you are such a joyous, inspiring and fun teacher. You gave space for us to find our inner child and find joy in movement. Perfect balance of Qigong and meditation.’

This year Sue will be exploring a couple of classical Qigong Forms gathering together the essence of Medical Qigong for participants to experience this ancient art of movement medicine. This will become a resource for all participants to take home for their personal practice.

The Qigong was, and continues to be, revelatory for me. As someone who has struggled with a gimpy lower back for years, some of the exercises and movements were reminiscent of what this osteopath or that massage therapist or this chiropractor had offered me before during previous flare-ups.  But I soon realized I was learning a spiritual choreography. An ancient, grounded body-wisdom that re-integrates the natural awareness of the body we have when we are pre-sentient babies with the actual muddled and stressed and overly cerebral body with which most of us go through our adult lives.  I loved it all instantly. 

The week is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. It offers an opportunity to develop mindfulness skills through movement, relaxation and meditation practices that support the beginning or deepening of a life-long spiritual journey.

‘Sue has a rare gift of helping people transform their lives very powerfully and with great grace and dignity.’


Your place is secured through the payment of a deposit of £95, or the course fee of £260.
It will be possible to reserve your accommodation directly with Holy Isle in the new year. ,

Payment of the £95 course fee deposit of full fee of £260 secures your place on the Qigong & Meditation Retreat Week.
Email here. to receive the Registration Form.

Seven nights’ full board accommodation costs:
Waiting list for all accommodation: Single room: £462 and Twin per person: £343,
Dormitory accommodation: £259.
Accommodation costs are paid directly to Holy Isle Rokpa Trust on arrival.

The deposit or full fee paid will be refunded in full, if cancelled up to 3 months prior to the retreat. Thereafter half of the deposit will be refunded if cancelled up until one month prior to the retreat. No refund for cancellations one month or less prior to the retreat. All refunds incur a £15 administration cost.

Looking over to Holy Isle at sunset from Lamlash, Isle of Arran

Looking over to Holy Isle at sunset from Lamlash, Isle of Arran


Qigong & Meditation Retreat Week 2024