Relaxing the Mind



I’m Sue Weston and have been studying, practising and teaching T’ai-Chi, Qigong and Mindfulness now for nearly 40 years.  I love delivering the courses, classes, retreats and training programmes that promote equanimity and good health, reduce stress and anxiety – all qualities that bring balance and calm into everyday life. So please do come and join me.

Qigong, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Courses, and all the weekend workshops moved arenas offered on Zoom as well as here at Mill House Farm. The upside of this is that there are no geographical boundaries varies to participating – just an awareness of time zones! T’ai-Chi is held here at Mill House Farm.

I also offer Mindfulness in Schools .b programme and a range of courses and events that can be tailored to suit your needs: community, corporate, hospitals, schools and prisons. Please contact me to find out more.


Zooming to you!

Most of the classes, courses and retreats now take place online via Zoom.

Please email me to receive the Zoom login links for the various Qigong and Weekly Mindfulness sessions, Mindfulness Courses and Retreats.

Courses and Classes

7-Week Mindfulness Training Courses

7-week on-line course via Zoom. Finding peace and calm in the midst of challenging times

Tuesday 6pm & Thursday 11am Qigong via Zoom

Tuesdays 6pm and Thursdays 11am via Zoom

Fortnightly Mindfulness Practice

Via Zoom: build community and deepen loving kindness practice

Four Immeasurables Day Retreat:

A day of retreat for us to gain insight and inspiration

Healing Hands: March & April

Healing Hands Qigong is a way to cultivate our own natural self-healing abilities. During the two Saturdays in March & April you will learn how to channel and cultivate the healing energy of your hands.

Tai Chi Chuan

T'ai-Chi Ch'uan

Details coming soon

Mindfulness Practice Day:

A day to deepen – or kick start – your practice
A day for all those who have participated on a Mindfulness Training Course or have their own meditation practice

Holy Isle Residential Retreat 2023

Qigong and Meditation Retreat Week, 9th – 16th August 2023

Living Without Regrets

Ian Wallace made this short  film about Sue’s passion for T’ai-Chi and Mindfulness.

Sue recounts her early career as a dancer, what it meant to her and why she had to give up a life that she loved.

She tells us how T’ai-Chi helped her find a new direction in her life when she could no longer perform as a dancer. We learn about the origins of the T’ai-Chi Form and what psychological benefits it brings.