Qigong: Tuesdays at 6pm-7pm BST
Thursdays 11am-12pm BST
Via Zoom or at Mill House Farm

Classes for 3 weeks in July until Thursday 25th.
No classes in August.
Qigong classes resume on Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th September

Qigong is restorative, relaxing, and revitalising. Its practice gently re-aligns the body, tunes the nervous system and trains the mind in order to create the conditions to support the natural arising of physical, emotional and mental health.

Dearest Sue, I have been having gut issues for some days now which disappeared completely during today’s practice. It was (once again) life saving. Thank you so much. With love and gratitude.

During our twice-weekly sessions (come to Tuesday or Thursday or both) we explore the benefits of Qigong which include:

Knocking on The Door of Life

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday and Thursday sessions require different login details.

Email me for the log-in link to join these Zoom sessions and bank details for electronic transfer payment, or pay by PayPal
£8 per session, £40 for five sessions.
And if finances are a bit tight, join anyway. Please pay what you can afford.
Thank you for your generous contributions that support the running of these healing, calming and reviving sessions.

A sample of some of the feedback on being on Zoom for the sessions:
‘I had no idea how I would get on with Zoom or whether I could stay connected (in my head/heart) I actually felt I was there in person. You are really skilful with this Zoom’
‘I found myself totally absorbed into the teachings in the same way as if I had been there.’


  • Improved balance
  • Strong back & supple joints
  • Maintained bone density
  • Easier breathing
  • Stabilized blood pressure
  • Calm, clear mind
  • Core stability and strength
  • Better and more replenishing sleep

Link to videos to Practice With Sue

Please note: if paying for five sessions these need to be taken over a period of maximum ten weeks. After this period this payment will no longer be valid.

Tuesday & Thursday Qigong

The five class tariff, £40, are for use over a period of a maximum of ten weeks. If not used, then any balance remaining will be forfeited and no longer available for the classes.  

Practice with Sue

Qigong For Health and Happiness. 

Qigong for Breathing and Immune System

Tuesday Qigong at 6pm

Thursday Qigong at 11am

On Zoom, email Sue for login link

Thursday sessions at Mill House Farm on the lawn in fair weather.

£7 per session, £35 per five sessions.

Check here for updates.

Email for directions to Mill House Farm

Beginners as well as experienced practitioners of all ages and ability are welcome.