Does a good night’s sleep elude you as often as a winning lottery ticket?

When I was asked to review this CD, I anticipated that it could be a challenge but I didn’t think it would be too hard to listen to someone else tell ‘other people’ how to relax and fall into the world of dreams. As I had been experiencing problems with my sleeping patterns lately I curious enough to have a go. Just how hard could it be?

But how can you give feedback on something if the bloomin’ thing makes you zonk out within the first few minutes? A dozen or so attempts later and I had to find some other way. The sound of Sue’s voice, the bells and the soft tones of the music gently wrap around you like a warmed comforter embracing you in a cocoon of safety and relaxation. I swear that the CD actually has some secret new technology allowing it to pump out a sleep drug as you play it. Failing that it comes with its own sniper with a tranquiliser gun.

Sleep, for most people, comes naturally – it’s simple – clothes off, pyjamas on, head on pillow then snore. However for some it ain’t so easy.  Sleep will be as elusive as the winning lottery ticket. Insomnia will plague most of us at one time or another in our lives, mostly mild phases which don’t last forever. For others chronic insomnia is a part of life and much more serious.  Doctors have a variety of options but these days people are more interested in natural remedies rather than popping pills to knock us out.

Stressful lives, poor diet, lack of healthy exercise and bad habits, like staying up late every night can all be primary causes of sleeplessness. Activities such as t’ai chi, yoga and meditation can do a great deal to help us to find peace of mind, allowing us to relax enough to recharge our batteries properly. But even these might not work for the hardened insomniacs. Sometimes our desperation for a magical solution can urge us to try anything just so that we are equipped to kip in peace.

However, I had a review to write and what I needed now was the complete opposite. So far I hadn’t managed to hear enough to write one sentence.  If I was going to have any hope of not succumbing to Sue’s velvety tones I had to embrace physical exertion and pain. With her telling me to be kind to myself and show kindness and appreciation to my tired aching limbs hefty furniture shifting was my only answer.

Each time she encouraged me to ‘spread peace’ to every cell of my being, I had to poke and prod it instead in case my body slipped off without me again. Despite nearly succeeding in getting me to acknowledge and let go of my aches and pains, I managed to stab them instead to keep them alive. With purple-faced exertion, beads of sweat upon my brow, I puffed my way through to the end. A completely rearranged sitting room is now a testament to how hard it was stay in the land of the living. Just goes to show how effective Sue’s recording is.

Whatever you may think about meditation CDs, I can only say you have nothing to lose but try it out. If you can trust Sue enough to allow her to take control, she will guide you through a whole-body relaxation process allowing you to let go of your stress and anxiety. The quality of the recording and the soothing tones indicate that this is an excellent product. With her professional background in the world of film, stage and television she has certainly proved that she has the skills to create a superb product. In fact it is so good it should come with a warning.

  • This is not cool road music – do not use in the car whilst driving.
  • Whilst under the influence of this (hypnotic and drug-like) guided meditation, do not operate any heavy machinery, i.e. not even anything as simple as a pen – you might stab yourself when your body plunges into slumber. (Yes this is what nearly happened to me.)

For the price of a bar snack this CD can be used time and again so cheaper than any drugs and if you are lucky you might even get to hear the whole thing one day to find out exactly what she says. As yet none of the people I know who have tried it so far have heard the whole thing. I am the first – will you be the second?

Georgina Lester