Happy New Year!

Having relished a Christmas of gifts, happiness and goodwill to all, and I do hope this was your experience, we now move into that time of resolution-making for the coming year. Have you made yours yet?

I have a suggestion for your resolution which is based on the gifts you give to others when you start a conversation, enter a room, go to work, walk into a shop – any day-to-day encounter in fact. What gift do you bring to others through your presence? Is it a sense of calm, kindness and curiosity? Or might it be an irritation or worry that permeates the atmosphere like a dark cloud – those matters that sit on the mind and affect the sort of day you are having? Everyone knows how it is when someone is frustrated and furious, even though they might not be openly admitting to these corrosive feelings, still they leak out and cloud the atmosphere. Is that you sometimes?

Resolve this New Year to be the one who brings balance, calm and kindness to each encounter. Make it your resolution to be the one who brings balance and calm to situations. This would be a priceless gift to yourself and all those you meet this coming year. Through mindfulness training you can learn uncomplicated ways to access ease and balance, especially when the going gets tough. Or as a previous participant on a mindfulness course said:

My temper, my patience levels, my sleep and my general well being improved very quickly. I can’t believe what a difference the straightforward techniques that you have taught me have made.

To find out more about the what, when and how of a mindfulness training course you are invited to any of the free mindfulness taster sessions that are held from time to time. Details can be found here. Or speak to mindfulness facilitator Sue Weston on 07962 798 779.

Happy New Year!