Mindfulness Training Course

 Spanning 2 Weekends: residential or non-residential

No course scheduled currently. 

 Saturdays 10 am – 5pm, Sundays 9 am – 3 pm

For the 8-week plus one full day daytime and evening courses follow this link. 

‘Amazing. The start of a lifetime journey. I feel more alive and aware after the course’ 

This residential or non-residential Mindfulness Training Course held over two separate weekends one month apart offers all the material delivered in an 8-week Mindfulness Course. Bringing mindfulness into daily life requires commitment: to help develop this commitment the course is supported by sound files and notes.


 ‘Rich and involving. I was looking for it to be relevant in my every day life and it is.’

Vince Watermelon

Watermelon Moon. Artist: Vincent Green

Held at Mill House Farm which is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Trothy Valley which is a peaceful and secluded environment perfect for the practice and development of mindfulness. The weekends offers the opportunity to explore the internal environment of the mind which at times can be chaotic and distressing as well and peaceful and uplifting. Mindfulness is knowing what is happening when it is happening. Which sounds easy, yet delve deeper and the truth is that most of us are worrying about the future, ruminating over the past and very rarely able to be present with what is happening now. So life can pass us by.

Very beneficial to my life and the effect that I have on other people’s lives’

 Participating on the Mindfulness Course taps into our capacity to be in life as opposed to ‘doing’ life. Or as Lisa Smith who assists on the courses wrote: ” I’m amazed at how such a simple practice can have such a massive influence on my life and those around me.”

Accommodation is available at Mill House Farm where the course will be held, and also in local B&Bs and hotels. These details are sent with the registration form.

Course fee: £255.00: includes all the notes and sound files to support home practice plus refreshments and light lunches on the Saturdays and Sundays. For those who may be financially stretched and cannot afford the full fee I have for many years been offering a pay-what-you-can afford rate decided by the participant. This keeps the opportunity to participate and learn these precious skills open to all. Contact Sue for details.


‘The course was transformational for me.  It came at a time when anxiety and depression had led to me being unemployed for a period.  I was stuck.  I wanted to go on the course but there was no way I could afford it.  Your  generosity touched me deeply and I was so grateful to have the opportunity. I now meditate  daily and am much more calm and grounded and at peace.  Since being on the course things have improved.’ Lucy T.


For registration, directions and accommodation details contact Mindfulness Tutor Sue Weston


‘i have not got enough time of space to explain how mindfulness practice ….. has helped me cope and deal with daily challenges’



Mindfulness Course