Five Element Qigong & Meditation Weekend

Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st February 2021

The Five Element Qigong Form is a like having a helpful a map of our bodies, hearts and minds. It helps us to tune into the cycles of nature and mirror the movements, sounds, colours and energy of the natural world: its spirals and fluidity. Being in synch with the natural changes of the seasons is healing. When we resist its movements we suffer, mentally and physically. In Chinese Medicine the primary focus is on the mind and the emotions and how imbalances there affect the physical body.
Qigong is a subtle form of health care, enabling us to practice preventative medicine, as opposed to sick care.
This is the second of a series of weekends based on the changes of the seasons. This second one takes place towards the end of winter, Saturday and Sunday 20 & 21 February. As the days lengthen yet the cold is still with us we learn how to skilfully tap into our energy sources and transform stress into vitality. Come for both days – best – or either the Saturday or Sunday.
This weekend we will be in the midst of winter. The element associated with winter is water. The nature of water is heaviness and fluidity. It flows into the deepest, darkest places. Winter is dark and nature retreats into its roots. It is a time of retreat and reflection, of replenishment, of filling our own underground reservoirs as water does beneath our feet in the depths of the earth. A time of withdrawal, inner replenishment and allowing ourselves to flow with the cycle of nature. And of sitting around the fire to bring heat, light and warmth into our hearts.
Feedback from the Autumn weekend, the first in this series:
‘I’ve so enjoyed this weekend … Absolutely wonderful. Subtle deep soft strong happy sad and so I could go on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you xxx”‘Helen, Yoga teacher, Scarborough

‘Fabulous, mind-blowing, heart-warming, regenerating, inspiring – thank you.Xxx’ Barbara, Aylesbury

‘I send much gratitude for a superb weekend’ Allison, Qigong teacher, Scotland.

‘Thank you for an excellent weekend.  I really enjoyed it.  Plenty of things to work on!  I did find it a profound experience, so I am still digesting it.’ Linda, T’ai-Chi Instructor, London

The practices of both Qigong and meditation go towards building our Wei Qi, or protective energy, our immune system. By tapping into the wisdom held in these Qigong practices we can utilise our energy sources and convert lethargy into vitality, depression into cheerfulness.

Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st February
7.30am – 8.30am, pre breakfast practise of Qigong & Meditation
10am – 1pm. Lunch. 2pm – 4pm
There will be short breaks in the morning and afternoon session.

No requirement to have attended the first in this series. All welcome. Via Zoom

Fee: £60 or £35 for either Saturday or Sunday (but weekend best!)

Please contact Sue for registration, payment methods and  Zoom login link.


Five Element Qigong & Meditation Weekend