Breathe Easy: a day of Qigong & Meditation

Saturday 17th February

7.30am-8.30am and 10am – 4pm
On Zoom or at Mill House Farm

Course fee :  £55

Qigong & Meditation for ease of breath, body and mind

Nothing like a breath of fresh air. But do you ever struggle with your breathing? Maybe you experience sensations of not being able to fill your lungs?

This sensation is more common than you may realise.

Our stress levels so often give rise to an erratic breathing pattern.

And how uncomfortable is that. 

I think that most of us are highly qualified, a PhD maybe, in tension! This tendency to be anxious, worry and over think will inhibit the mechanics of our breathing.

Learning how to breathe easily is one of the most potent tools available for a calm, clear mind and tension-free body.

Breathing is unique because as well as being an automatic function we can also consciously regulate it. This makes it easy to shift our breathing patterns at any moment – when we know how.

The breath is a bridge between mind and body.

With conscious breathing we are able to transform our nervous systems from a sympathetic state into a parasympathetic state.

From panic to calm.

The sympathetic nervous system, or ‘fight or flight’, is a state of high alert.

Unfortunately, it can’t distinguish between a truly life-threatening situation, such as a charging tiger, or an annoying situation, like that long queue in the supermarket.

In both circumstances, tiger or supermarket, the sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear, increasing tension, and affecting our breathing. A very draining state to live in. 

An understanding of how to transform that high alert into a parasympathetic state which calms mind and body can be acquired through learning various breathing skills. 

During the Breathe Easy: Qigong & Mediation Day specific breathing skills using Qigong and simple meditations offer the ability to transform a sympathetic state of panic and overwhelm, to a parasympathetic state of calm and ease. These simple, gentle techniques enable us to release stress and tension, transforming a debilitating state of tiredness into vitality. We will also learn how to strengthen our subtle core stabilising muscles which support easier, better breathing generally.

The Breathe Easy: Qigong & Meditation day offers participants a greater understanding of the mechanics of breathing, and how this knowledge benefits us each and every day. And as we learn how to access an easier, more flowing breath you may find you experience better, more replenishing sleep!

To secure your place contact me now.

Course fee : £55
Zoom link sent to participants pre-course.
Full refund if made at least one week prior to the day.
Otherwise 50% of course fee will be refunded.
No refund if cancelled on the day of the course

Breathe Easy: Saturday 17 February