Mindful Movement Training for Facilitators & Therapists

Saturday 27 January, 10 am – 5pm, & Sunday 28 January, 9am – 3pm 2018

CPD points (Continual Professional Development) are available for the course.

‘Wonderful experiential teaching and learning’

‘Sue’s teaching embodies the practice, and models, through skilful language and a step-by-step approach, a process of truly becoming aware of the magic of the body.’

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Sue Weston

Course leader Sue Weston. Photo: Patricia Carswell

The Mindful Movement Training for Facilitators and Therapists is an experiential training that introduces participants to a practical and psychological understanding of our relationship to our physical being. Its aim is to enable facilitators and therapists to confidently and meaningfully use mindful movement with their groups and clients. The course reveals the psychology and philosophy contained in our movements, postures and body sensations. Alongside  various practical methods of accessing the energies and insights of the body’s wisdom a set of simple yet powerful Qigong exercises are explained and taught. These gentle and potent movements offer a direct and intuitive access to the deep wisdom of the body through which reveal our habitual tendencies, both emotional and mental, that are experienced before any intellectual cognition.

‘Fantastic teacher. It has offered me far more than what I had set out to achieve, which was to help my clients to be in touch with their bodies. I have learned about the philosophies behind the movements and the philosophy for life.’

The material covered during the weekend will ensure that each participant leaves with the confidence and insight to use aspects of the movement offered as required and also to lead a short movement practice to support and deepen their mindfulness and therapeutic work. It is for those who might flounder at the thought of guiding others through body work as well those whose confidence is more present.

‘Motivational, challenging & aspirational in equal measure’

Held at Mill House Farm. £195 course fee includes lunch and refreshments each day, all course notes, sound files and a DVD of the movements. Register here.

‘Bringing light, joy, aliveness into my facilitation of mindfulness, transitioning my own knowledge and experience of movement into teaching others and to find a language to share this.’